Photo Diary
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Tony Levin

Back around '90-'91 when I was doing a lot of session work at Soundtrac in Boston. A long gone Peavey fretless 5, a '66 P, and a Warmoth 5 string J. Ah, for the simple days...

Ed Scheer (drums) and I in Sicily around 1991. We played at a seriously OLD venue. I think the dressing rooms were where they used to keep the lions.

The hair was a rental.... I'm in costume for the Opera Company Of Boston's production of Leonard Bernstein's "Mass". Some of the toughest music I've ever had to count - and in this getup no less!

My big boy, Django the Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepard mix. 150lbs of pure doggie love!

With Dena DeRose on piano, Fred Hayes on drums.

D'Oud - Brahim Fribgane on dumbek and oud, Matt Mitchell guitar, and myself.

Lazy Ed & The Stratoloungers with Arthur Migliazza on piano, Sidney George on sax, special guest Pete Torberg on drums.

Outdoors at St. Phillips Plaza in Tucson with Dickie Thompson

The Dickie Thompson trio featuring Uncle Dave Jeffries on drums, myself on bass. We held down the Friday Happy Hour slot at Plush in Tucson for several years.

Back in '85 with Barrence Whitfield & The Savages. A rare photo of me playing g#!+@r in public.

Giving a clinic at Bass Player Live.

Playing with Johnny Adams at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, 1991

The Groovemaster - Jerry Jemmott!

Father Time, Lee Sklar!

Playing piccolo bass with Badass Mel Brown

The Big Screen from the Oregon Jamboree gig with Ketchum

Playing with Hal Ketchum.

A three guitar gig with Matt Mitchell, the late, great Dickie Thompson, Ed Delucia, and Uncle Dave Jeffries on drums.

The cast of "A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline". Left to right: Me, Matt Leavenworth, Sandy Martin, Cathy Burkly, Adam Feldman, Chuck Parrish.

I had the chance to play with Rocco Prestia at a clinic years ago. I played piccolo bass on "What Is Hip?" He said "You're a clever guy... next time turn down!" Wow! You mean there's gonna be a next time? Still waiting for his call....

"The Look" This is what drummers see when they drag the tempo!

Tommy Shannon

Dawn and I at the sadly gone Brentwood Tavern in Austin. Looks like she's saying - "Another guitar solo?"

Will Lee, Bootsy Collins, and myself at a NAMM show photo-op.

My first gig playing the Eastwood Classic 4 - that glazed look in my eye tells you I'm in choco-thump nirvana! That's Boomer Norman back there chunking away on his old Epiphone.

Playing my trusty '73 P at a recent session with Blind Lemon Phillips (at right). The studio has an amazing collection of tube amps, though I went direct with a line split through my Tech 21 VT Bass pedal.

"Papa Ras C" I'm honored to call him my friend - ladies and gentlemen, the hardest grooving man in show business - Master Phil Chen! Check out his legendary work on Jeff Beck's "Blow By Blow" album, or dig way back to the original Tony Tribe version of "Red, Red Wine" - fantastic!

Big In Vegas at The Hut in Tucson.

Our old mountain home in the Coronado State Forest, AZ.

Don Pardo, the voice of Saturday Night Live, but more significantly the original announcer for Jeopardy!

Me with the 51 P bass (reissue) in front of Dawn's old 1950 Mercury M47 pickup. We eventually sold the truck, but it sure makes for a great picture.

Sometime in 2006, Lucky Tubb & The Modern Day Troubadours at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop in Ft. Worth, TX.

"You SURE this thing has 4-wheel drive?" Gigging with Eric Burdon means you go in style, whether it can handle the snow or not.

Playing with Lew Tabackin, Jeff Haskell on piano, Fred Hayes on drums.

My Darlin' and I at Big Nose Kate's In Tombstone, AZ

Playing the new Ernie Ball 25th Anniversary model